Post-apocalyptic worlds are gloomy places. I understand everything you’ve ever loved has been reduced to a puddle of goo, but maybe if you spent more time repairing society and a bit less moaning about the mutants chewing your face off, you might feel better. There’s plenty of games for people that enjoy sitting around in the ruins of civilizations giving melodramatic speeches about the human soul’s capacity for avarice and depravity. But Barehand Games‘s Cede is all about bringing back a little beauty to a dying world.

Cede Game

Inviting you to restore verdant greenery to a barren wasteland with the aid of elemental helpers called ‘Lil Boi’s’, Cede is a “3D Action-RPG with the best experiences of Diablo and Harvest Moon”. Through a “unique mechanic called ‘Combat Farming'”, players will be able to nurture defeated enemies into violent vegetation to help take down more foes, photosynthesizing into a satisfying cycle of seedling sabotage.

Reap what you Cede

You play as Seph, a blue gorilla-looking fellow on a horticultural quest to de-gloomify a fragmented planet. This world is inhabited by monsters an stripped bare of flowers, fruits and foliage. Through gathering resources, you’ll be able to upgrade your hub area and strengthen your Lil’ Boi companions. It looks like you’ll be needing those upgrades too – Cede features randomly generated environments and unpredictable enemy encounters.Cede Game

The Cede Kickstarter is currently live, including an introduction by the game’s creator Edwin Jack. He started the project with $200 in his pocket after being laid off from his previous unspecified job in the industry. Personally, I’d be $200 down by the end of the day and very, very drunk, but Jack and the team have grown a forest from the ashes. Check back on Cliqist soon for more updates on the project.

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