Trüberbrook is one of those projects that seem to inject some life back into Kickstarter.

It feels like just yesterday that German devs btf launched the crowdfunding campaign for their charmingly beautiful adventure Trüberbrook. It came as no surprise then that they reached the minimum funding goal in a mere 30 hours. That’s impressive if you consider that the goal was 100,000 Euros, that isn’t peanuts. The rest of the campaign the game just breezed through several stretch goals.

Now that the campaign has ended the difficult part begins: Making the game. Considering that this is a stop-motion game where everything is handmade then the effort is even bigger, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. What they showed on Kickstarter looked great.

Trüberbrook scenery

So, What’s Next for Trüberbrook?

On their most recent update btf said that after receiving the full backer list from Kickstarter (and fixing issues with failed and disputed pledges) they would start contacting backers with the rewards survey. They also revealed a couple of interesting things.

Among the previously mentioned stretch goals for Trüberbrook were some bonus chapters. Backers pledged enough money for the prologue but the goal for the interlude wasn’t reached. However, in this update btf announced they’re still making the interlude. This decision means that they will have to readjust their budget slightly, but it seems doable.

The devs also announced plans for another cool thing. A short making-of video. This making-of would deal with their whole production process and they already have recorded it. The next step is editing that footage. However, developing Trüberbrook takes priority over this making of, so we probably won’t see it until after the game is done.

Trüberbrook still has a possible release date of 2018. Fingers crossed for that!

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