Have you ever wanted to manage a cyberpunk speakeasy? Well, then The Red Strings Club is the game for you!

The Red Strings Club is Deconstructeam’s newest game. Like with their first game, Gods Will Be Watching, they have Devolver Digital as a publisher. The game will be out on January 22nd and preorders are open on Steam at the moment. Right now the game has a 20% discount  on Steam and if you preorder it you also get Gods Will Be Watching.

The Red Strings Club is a 2D adventure with a cyberpunk theme. In it we play as the bartender of a clandestine bar (the same bar that gives its name to the game) and a hacker who share the common goal of taking down a corporate conspiracy. This conspiracy involves the Social Psyche Welfare, a system that removes negative emotions from people.

The Red Strings Club

And How Are You Fighting This Conspiracy?

Simply enough, by making drinks. While this might sound very reminiscent of VA-11 Hall-A The Red Strings Club follows a different approach. Sure, you have to mix drink to your clients but you also have to consider their frame of mind. So you manipulate their emotions by making drinks that will make them spill their secrets to you.

But that’s not all. Because as the hacker we have to make genetic implants on a lathe (of all things) to influence people, and also supplant people on phone calls in order to derail the development of the Social Psyche Welfare.

And if you really want to see more, take a look at the game’s trailer. It certainly looks stunning!

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