The chaotic puzzle-meets-tower defense title Gunhouse may have found its perfect home on the Nintendo Switch.

Fast Firing, Block Busting Action

In a post made to Twitter on January 9, developer Necrosoft officially announced their game would be available on Nintendo’s newest console later this month. The port comes with all of the game’s previous features as well as new additions including higher resolution graphics, hardcore mode, additional enemies and an improved user interface.

The post also included a trailer showing the new build of the game in action.

Originally released January 14, 2014, Gunhouse combines Tetris-style puzzle gameplay with tower defense elements. By combining similar blocks, players construct guns to defend their towers from waves of enemies, creating more powerful guns based on the total number of blocks used. Likewise, different blocks create different guns specific attacks and abilities. Green blocks can create veggie launching miniguns, while orange blocks spray fire from the maw of a dragon.

The game boasts a variety of enemies and bosses as well. Each unit has their own stats and abilities, from the quick, boney minions of the Skeleton King to the aerial bombardment forces of the maniacal mad scientist Doctor Dog.

Chaos On The Go

Though the premise is admittedly a bit strange, the game has always boasted plenty of style and originality for those willing to give it a shot. Everything from enemies to the background art give off the sense of manic energy, helping to boost the excitement and tension with each new wave. It’s tailor-made to quick bursts of play as well, meaning Switch players could easily get the most out of a quick play session while commuting or taking a quick break from other activities. Likewise, the Switch has proven to be a good fit for Indie titles new and old, as seen by the recent successes of Blossom Tales and several other indie titles ported to the system.

Time will tell, but Funhouse may have finally found its perfect home. Players can dive into the strategic chaos for themselves when Gunhouse hits the Nintendo eShop on January 15.

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