Soundtracks, eh? Sound. Tracks. Them old ear ticklers. Those good time, toe tapping, hip jiving noisy noisy sound casseroles. Those hullabaloo rockets that launch themselves right into your brain and make you say “Now this is a racket that really butters my bread, Joe”. What sweet commotion! What joyful pandemonium! SOUNDS ARE GREAT AND I LOVE THEM. Here’s the nominees!

IGF Awards

Tormentor X Punisher

Dropped D Chords! Double Bass Pedals! Distortiony Distortion! Coming in somewhere between Death Grips, NIN, and early Metallica, Tormentor X Punisher‘s OST is a slickly produced beast of well-honed brutality. You can check it out in its entirety here.

IGF awards


Over thirty individual musicians are credited on the Bandcamp page for Cuphead‘s soundtrack, which is astounding, and must have taken some serious reach. Cuphead certainly made its mark , and its swing-inspired soundtrack was just one part of a cohesive cartoon style that left gamers in no doubt that, yes, here was a man whomst head looked very much like a cup.

IGF Awards


Exploration game Vignettes featured an enchanting soundtrack by musician David Kanaga. I tend to overuse the word ‘whimsical’ when describing floaty, pretty noises, but Vignettes own website has a button that says ‘here is how whimsical it sounds. So there.

IGF Awards


Verge already did a great piece on the story behind the composition of Rainworld‘s soundtrack, and we’ve covered it here at Cliqist in the past, too. I don’t have much to add, except to say that this is absolutely my jam and deserves to win, integrity be damned.

IGF Awards

Platformer Uurnog Uurlimited is a bit of a special case, as it features an adaptive soundtrack that responds to player actions. The chaotic, emergent chiptune is still underscored by a solid foundation though, and fits the vibrant zaniness of Uurnog Uurnlimited well.

IGF Awards


We don’t know too much about platformer Celeste yet, except that it’s due out for most platforms this month, and features a soundtrack by Lena Raine. It’s nice though. It sounds nice. I like it. I’ve completely ran out of adjectives to describe music. It’s nice.

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