It’s no secret that tag team fighters are big right now. If you follow the fighting game scene at all, you’ve heard more than enough about a certain upcoming fighter destined to unseat Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Here’s the catch: I’m not talking about Dragon Ball FighterZI’m talking about Cerebrawl.

The developers at Zero Dimension have been working on Cerebrawl for almost three years now. Those who’ve been following the team’s progress will have a chance to support them by pledging to their recently launched Kickstarter campaign. Backers will also have the ability to choose the design for one of the game’s characters in a tournament-style vote.

Portraits of the eight possible characters to be voted on by Cerebrawl's backers.

My vote’s going to Knife Squad, personally. Because Knife Squad.

Quality Over Quantity

The character tournament is a neat idea, and helps a bit with filling out the game’s somewhat skimpy roster. At present, only four playable characters have been revealed, with a total of eight slated to appear in the game. That’s not much compared with the massive rosters of the modern AAA fighters, but it happens to be the same size as indie hit Skullgirlsroster prior to that game’s DLC. With character designs like the “Battle Witch” Helen Brutehilde on display, Cerebrawl promises to deliver a rock-solid, if somewhat lmited array of fighters.

A gameplay screenshot from Cerebrawl. Player 1 has just defeated player 2, with a prominent KO appearing onscreen as player 2 is launched into the air.

Besides brain-busting character designs, Cerebrawl offers an old-school hip hop soundtrack composed by artist 2 Mello. The team is also aggressively marketing their four-player mode, in which tag battles are fought with two players on either side. I’m personally skeptical of how smooth assists and tag-ins will be under this system. But then, for all my admiration of the genre, I still suck at fighting games.

Cerebrawl’s $278,000 Kickstarter campaign will run until March, with stretch goals including additional characters, stages, and a story mode. Zero Dimension plans on releasing the game in February 2019.

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