Every person you encounter has the same dead-eyed stare and plastic features. It’s a bit unsettling, but once you get past that there is the potential for some gooey narrative goodness inside Wreck Tangle Games’ Alaska.

Developed by a one-man dev team, Alaska promises a mature story set in a small Alaskan mountain town. There are only five families living this far out in the wild. The discovery of a murdered man raises some terrifying questions. How well do you really know the people around you? In this insular community, who can you actually trust?

Certainly not this creeper.

This isolated location is the perfect setting for the paranoia fueled investigation that follows. While the character models all look a bit disturbing, the Alaskan wilderness looks suitably majestic. There are snow covered fields and gorgeous sunsets. Occasionally, you might even stumble across a bloody footprint or two.

A Killer Among Us

Players take part in several mini-game styled tasks as they live out a week in the protagonist’s snow covered shoes. All of which builds to the plot twists that ultimately lead you to the truth of what happened on the airstrip.

The game has some clear limitations, but effort has gone into working past them. The result offers a gameplay experience sure to catch any thriller fan’s eye.

Alaska is available now on GameJolt for $7.99. Its Steam release is scheduled for February 9th. Worth checking out if you enjoy narrative adventures or supporting smaller devs.

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