Back in 2011 Robit Games released a lovely 2D pixel art platformer called Treasure Adventure Game. In it you play as a kid exploring the world looking for treasure while trying to to solve his mysterious past. It took developer Stephen Orlando two years to complete it, and he released it as a freeware game.

But he wanted to do more, so after some years he started working on a remake, Treasure Adventure World. And as usual with remakes this one would be bigger and better. With a revamped style as well. The game took a long time to develop, originally it was going to come out on 2013.  That doesn’t matter anymore, the game is here now!

What’s New This Time?

The previous game was a solo effort, except for its soundtrack. But that’s not the case in Treasure Adventure World as Robit Games became a three person team during its development cycle. And they also partnered up with Chucklefish Games for its commercial release.

The core of the game remains the same, you play as a kid who is exploring the world. He lost his right hand in a mysterious accident and uses a hook. This hook gives you a lot of advantages because you can use it to attack enemies, hold onto things and with time you even learn to throw it like a boomerang! And you can also wear different hats to improve your skills.

The game, in true Metroidvania fashion, is huge. You’ll explore 16 islands, solve puzzles, find treasures and it’ll take you about 18 hours to fully explore everything. And much like the original game Treasure Adventure World has a weather system, and it affects some puzzles.

You can get it for $9.99 on Steam and GOG. But if you want a taste to see if you’ll like it you can always play the original game. It’s worth your time.

Abel G.C.

Abel G.C.

Abel G.C. is a writer and game developer. He was born in Spain but lives in Ireland. He first played a graphic adventure when he was three and became a life obsession. If he stops drinking green tea he might die and he also loathes writing in the third person.
Abel G.C.