After eight years, developer Data Realms has finally released the followup to their cult classic Cortex Command. Their new questionable physics adventure, Planetoid Pioneers launches today, complete with the team’s proprietary Crush2D physics engine tools.

Planetoid Pioneers tells the harrowing tale of a team of geriatric astronauts sent to explore the asteroid belt. Here, players are able to edit and manipulated everything from weapons to the environment itself. The game features local co-op, so up to four players can gather together to discover diverse worlds full of hostile extraterrestrial creatures. Some of which have been developed by members of the contributor community.

The hero we deserve.

Players who purchased the Contributor Edition have been hard at work. They were the first to have access to the commercial-grade dev tools and live-editing capabilities of Crush2D. This has allowed them to create and share content with the rest of the community. Content which they were able to submit to the team for possible integration into the official release.

By The People

In fact, many of the people involved with making Planetoid Pioneers originally came from the modding community that formed around Cortex Command. Data Realms decided to take things a step further this time by incorporating community contributions right from the start.

“Instead of a traditional modding community, which only gets to tinker with content after the game is done, we are building a Contributor Community, which gets involved earlier and in a much more hands-on way can add to the extremely modular game structure and design already established by us.”

The full release of Planetoid Pioneers is available now on Steam and the Humble Store. All players have access to the Crush2D development tools. Those who purchase the Contributor Edition also have access to an exclusive Contributor Community Discord where they can share created content and chat directly with the dev team.

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