As I’ve discussed extensively in the past, Kickstarter has always been reluctant to perform any sort of quality control standards. It didn’t matter so much in the site’s heyday, but as more and more creators and backers leave, the slew of poor campaigns threatens to crush the platform. But every so often, mostly in the case of extremely offensive campaigns or copyright infringement, Kickstarter does finally decide to act.

Suspended by Kickstarter

Our most popular video here at Cliqist is Top 10 Worst Games Suspended By Kickstarter. It’s also our most disliked video, so I guess I should say it’s the one with the most views.

I wrote an article at about the same time detailing all the video game Kickstarter campaigns that were officially suspended up until that point. We haven’t gone back to update the list yet, but even still, there’s plenty of material here to knock out a couple more list videos, so let’s go ahead and do that!

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect.

To watch the list for yourself, click the video above and enjoy! Or don’t! And if you want to see more videos just like that one, check out Cliqist’s YouTube channel.

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