The first trailer for The Italianeer is here, and this side-scrolling brawler charms its audience with the nostalgia of a pixelated art style and a 1980’s setting with a bit of comedic writing. Even more charming is the 10-year-old protagonist, Luciano, that gamers control in battles that can remind one of David vs. Goliath.

A growing boy needs food

Luciano, who’s been sent to collect irresistible foods for his family’s dinner, can pack a punch though, especially when making use of his “Kung Food” skill sets to get through the game’s nine chapters, separated into three acts.

Super Sopressata if one of Luciano’s Kung-Food abilities.

Each act relates to a course of food from a traditional Italian dinner: Antipasto, Primo, and Secondo. Each act will have unique combat sequences and multiple boss fights, hopefully keeping the experience fresh throughout the game. Sticking with the food theme, zest will be used as the game’s currency with one’s HP being restored by eating pizza.

The game also features drop-in/drop-out couch co-op, so you and your friends should be able to take care of the baddies and get those supper ingredients for your family in no thyme.

The Italianeer is FrogsMilk Studios’ first game, but the developers have been keeping their community updated on the game’s progress on both the TIGSource Forums and their Twitter account.