Monsters, mechs, and mayhem, oh my! It’s time once again to kick off our Game of the Month coverage and this month we’ve selected the newly released turn-based strategy juggernaut, Into the Breach.

Developed by Subset Games, the team that brought us FTL, Into the Breach pits massive mechs against an alien threat. These gigantic creatures are breeding beneath the earth and it’s up to your squad of powerful mechs to drive them off.

Strategy is the Name of the Game

Enemies telegraph their attacks so you can see exactly what you’re up against during combat. Make sure you pay attention as mistakes could cost you the lives of your precious mechs and their pilots. There won’t be anytime to mourn though, the Vek are ruthless in their assault. You’ll just have to send the next squad to their fate and hope for a better outcome.

All month long we’ll extensively cover the marvels and minutiae that make Into the Breach a game to watch. Bookmark this article and check back often as we add links to our expansive coverage of this outstanding release.

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3/??/?? –

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