How far would you go to save your family? What sacrifices would you make, what reasons would you convince yourself of? Developed by GameChanger StudioMy Lovely Daughter takes a stark look at the depths of insanity driven by love.

Managing the Macabre

My Lovely Daughter strikes an interesting balancing act. For a game about death, decay, and morality, it has a certain kind of beauty to it. Horror comes in many shapes, and My Lovely Daughter hits a perfectly macabre tone.

Set within a world of gothic horror, the game’s visuals utilize a sketched, storybook quality. Similarly, an eerily dreamy soundtrack gives the impression of a fairy-tale gone horribly awry.

My Lovely Daughter presents itself as a management simulator, wherein players take on the role of the amnesiac alchemist, Faust. In order to revive his deceased daughter, Faust must perform forbidden alchemy experiments. Only by creating dozens of homunculi and harvesting their souls can his beloved daughter return to life.

Faust’s work comes at a cost. He must assign jobs to his homunculi, so that he can maintain a steady income for further experimentation. However, money is not the only price to pay.

Over the course of My Lovely Daughter, the players interact with Faust’s creations and foster relationships with them. These homunculi regard Faust as their father, but they ultimately serve as a means to revive his dead daughter.

Much of the gameplay focuses on text and dialogue, structured around light gameplay elements. The game promises high replayability with multiple endings, secrets, and collectibles.

How far will you go to save your lovely daughter?

My Lovely Daughter is now available on Steam with a playable demo.

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