The Librarian starts with a cozy scene; the titular librarian (who is unnamed in the game but identified as Liz on the game’s page) curled up in bed with a book.

The Librarian

This peace is shattered quickly by a sudden gust of wind blowing open the windows and an owl delivering an ominous note: “Something’s wrong at the Library.”

Spooky goings on

What follows is twenty or so minutes of delightful and atmospheric point and click gameplay as you work your way through the aforementioned library, exploring and solving simple puzzles. The game’s developer, artist, and composer is Octavi Navarro, whose previous experience includes the pixel art on Thimbleweed Park. It shows, particularly in the animations and background details, which impart meaning and narrative unsupported by text or speech.

The Librarian is ghostly and gorgeous, and you can download it for pay what you want on

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