I really don’t even know where to begin with Epic Loon.  Just look at this thing:

It’s… a game? That’s what the press release announcing Epic Loon’s launch on Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch says anyway.

“Epic Loon’s foray into parodying/decimating classic movies and bringing people together for a TRUE, face-to-face, 4-player couch co-op experience injects its sarcasm, silliness, stunning scenery and scathing self-awareness into your favorite consoles just in time for the weekend! Invite your friends over to play, drink, learn to silently resent you, and reject invitations to all of your future birthday parties because you school them so hard!”

The 4-player couch co-op in particular sounds great since it likely involves hooting and hollaring; as one is wont to do in those situations. Though, I’m guessing it’s not a game for my two and seven year old children, so the group fun will have to be skipped for several years. I’m still drawn to give it a go by myself though since my unquenchable thirst for anything Godzilla is match only by my enjoyment of watching others dance around copyright.

Epic Loon

Nice. Real nice.

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