After Unavowed the main question was “where does Wadjet Eye go from here?” And the answer was an unexpected “to Kickstarter.” Not just that, to Kickstarter with a vampire RPG! Welcome to the world of Nighthawks, a collaboration between Wadjet Eye and Richard Cobbett.

Nighthawks is a game that mixes RPGs with visual novels, interactive fiction and life simulation. In it we play as a neophite vampire in a world where the existence of vampires is common knowledge. But that doesn’t mean that you can get to suck everyone dry, you still need to be discrete.

In Nighthawks you will explore a city and uncover its mysteries, recruit companions to help you and also manage a nightclub, the titular Nighthawks.

Vampires, That’s Been Done Before!

There are many interesting things about Nighthawks that could help it rise above being ‘yet another vampire game.’ First of all, in a departure for Wadjet Eye, Nighthakws is an RPG being developed in Unity. And it looks amazing. While it’s played mostly like a visual novel the backgrounds look great, and there are dynamic elements to them. If the demo and trailer are an indication, it will still have the usual top-notch voice acting that characterizes any all of Wadjet Eye’s games.

Nighthawks came to life from Cobbett’s desire of applying the literary richness of Sunless Sea or Sunless Skies (incidentally, both games he’s written for) to vampires. Considering the short snippets that you can see of the game, it looks like he’s onto something.

Look no further than the Nighthawks Kickstarter updates to. They show a bit of the unbelievable amount of effort that’s going behind this game. Cobbett is going against vampire conventions in a way. These vampires hate the taste of blood and humans don’t find being bitten pleasurable at all, and their existence is not as glamorous as one might think. These updates go into detail about several aspects of the game. For example, rather than having clans like vampire characters have blood origins (such as New World, Old Country or Mandarin to name a few) and we don’t create our own character, but their sire. And our character will inherit quirks and skills from that sire.

Shut Up and Take My Money

If you think Nighthawks looks great, then go to Kickstarter and show some love. The Kickstarter launched at the beginning of the month and the final week is approaching. Given that they’re a little over 50% of their goal, the final push is definitely on.

If you’re still on the fence have no fear! There’s a Nighthawks available to download now. It’s a playable version of the Kickstarter video, but you will still see what Nighthawks will be like as a game.

The question is if Nighthawk’s demo will be enough to whet your appetite while you wait for the full game. Maybe this demo will give you bloodlust, so there’s a simple solution for that. Go to Kickstarter and give Wadjet Eye and Richard Cobbett all your money. Because the remedy for that bloodlust will certainly be immersing oneself into the colourful world of Nighthawks.


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