Door Kickers: Action Squad is a 2D platforming game, available on Steam put out by KillHouse Games. This spin- off rather than being realistic, like the original Door Kickers, goes the more campy route.

We’ve looked at Door Kickers before, discussing America’s police problems, but it’s worth revisiting for the pure fun of it. When the game starts the awesome music kicks in, feeling just like something from a 90’s cop movie. You can even buy the soundtrack for the game here. The graphics feature super clean pixel sprites and backgrounds. This really adds to the nostalgic 90’s feel.

Door Kickers: Action Squad offers one of the most fun local and online cooperative modes there has been in a long time.  Co-op mode requires you to think as a team with your partner. If you don’t, it will be really hard to complete your missions. Trying to go all lone wolf will make it hard.

The game truly makes you feel like an action hero cop in an 90’s movie like Murtaugh and Briggs in the Lethal Weapon movies. When a hostage is accidentally shot you can totally picture the chief of police popping up and yelling “Get in here now!” Luckily the game auto saves your progress. Making it easy to pick up the action where you left off.

Door Kickers: Action Squads premise is simple enough. There are 5 episodes with 12 missions to complete yourself or with your partner. These missions require you to be tactical and plan out how to save all the hostages.  In each of these levels you can earn up to 3 stars depending on how many hostages you save.  So you will have to plan out the best way to take out the bad guys before anyone gets hurt. The stars give you perks like a first aid kit or the ability to bring your partner back if they die.

Stabby McStabberson

Door Kickers: Action Squad features a colorful cast of baddies to take down in this game.  With descriptive names like Pistol Guys, SMG Dudes, and The Shotgunner you know what awaits you. These are the low tier baddies, there are a lot more competent ones to come.  Mr. Machete, Molotov Girls, and Hostage Takers who will not hesitate to use hostages as shields.  If that’s not bad enough Hostage Killers will execute a hostage upon seeing you. As a result this requires a lot of planning and stealth to avoid.

The game developers know that the best part of Door Kickers: Action Squad is the cooperative mode. Enough that they even have the trailer say “Kick down doors with friends.” “Gun down doors with friends.” “Single Player * Also Included.”  There’s a ton of fun achievements to unlock, Check them all out here in this handy guide.

Door Kickers: Action Squad is a must buy! Most noteworthy for the multiplayer mode. The single player is fun too, but the magic is in working on a team. Trying to get a perfect score of 3 stars in each mission makes it even more addictive and it will have you coming back for more.

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