Adventure Games have been a big fixture of the indie scene for over a decade and a half now, but things didn’t start out that way. Back when they were first invented in the late 70s and early 80s they were mainstream through-and-through. If you’ve often found yourself pondering on the history of a much maligned genre then worry no more as we present a definitive history of adventure games and their relationship with indie gaming.

A Chequered Past

In many ways adventure games where the forgotten middle child of the games industry for many years. Throughout the 80s and 90s they had a huge amount of success thanks to rich narratives and in lots of cases some of the best graphics out there.

As time wore on however they started to fall out of public favour as technology outpaced their often clunky design. It took the ingenuity that indie developers rely on, as well as their passion and creativity, to bring the genre back from the dead. By 2012 the genre was riding high once again thanks to Telltale Games and their revolutionary design approach.

The Rise, The Fall

Of course as many people know the story doesn’t end there. Despite the massive amount of success and popularity the games found, Telltale where apparently doomed to fail. After the crushing blow earlier this year when they announced a mass involuntary closure many people have wondered if the industry will ever be the same again, let alone the genre that they helped to revive.

From mainstream monster, to indie darling, and right back to where they started again. Adventure games have had one of the most interesting histories of any genre out there. So sit back, relax and enjoy the storied and chequered history of one of the indie scenes most beloved game genres.

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