A Bewitching Revolution is a new game coming from developer Colestia. It’s a first-person adventure game in which players take control of a witch who lives in a grey and blue hued cyberpunk city and uses magic to help its residents.

Like several of Colestia’s other titles, A Bewitching Revolution looks to be serving a healthy slice of anti-capitalism. The witch protagonist of the game is a communist and will help the denizens of the city organize and resist an oppressive capitalist system. The game’s description on itch.io encourages the player to “Strike, riot, and take back the city!”

Accio the Means of Production

In addition to helping people, players will also use spells and brew potions to fight the metropolis itself. A Bewitching Revolution takes place in a fairly visually muted city, occasionally punctuated by neon. However, trees, plants, and animals can be placed to bring some nature back into this world.

A Bewitching Revolution

The cards never lie.

If you like low-poly cyberpunk aesthetics and punching hegemony in the face, A Bewitching Revolution might be for you. In any case, you can try the game when it comes out in April. You can wishlist the game now, on Steam to help prepare for the revolution.