The Forgotten City is an upcoming first-person action RPG from Modern Storyteller. Described as a “time loop murder mystery,” The Forgotten City is based on one of the most popular mods from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Now a full game, based on a mod of the same name, The Forgotten City has a new setting: ancient Rome.

When in Rome

In contrast, the Skyrim mod was set in a full-blown fantasy setting, not unlike the game it spun off from. This standalone version takes more than just Roman aesthetics; one inspiration for the story is the Roman myth of Baucis and Philemon.

According to the myth, Jupiter and Mercury test human hospitality, humans fail, and all but 2 are drowned. Roman gods be like that sometimes. In a similar manner, the protagonist of The Forgotten City must stop the 26 other adventurers from sinning to end the loop wherein they all die.

The Forgotten City

In addition to a new setting, The Forgotten City will be receiving upgrades across the board. It’s being rebuilt in Unreal Engine, with new audio and visual overhauls. New endings, character animations, and even an orchestral score are among the new additions. There will also be new game mechanics, and a new platform on which to play.

Déjà Vu

Formerly, The Forgotten City and its Groundhog Day shenanigans was released exclusively on PC. However, the devs have confirmed that they are releasing simultaneously on Xbox One and PC. This is great news for the Xbox One, as there aren’t too many exclusives in the pipeline for 2019. Even if this is only console-specific exclusivity, it’s still something to look forward to for Xbox users.

While the game will launch sometime in late 2019, there will be a playable demo at the rapidly approaching PAX East, taking place March 28-31 in Boston, Massachusetts. The game can also be added to Steam wish lists now.