Lumines Remastered is our physical indie release of the week. The block-dropping rhythm puzzler is getting a deluxe (and ultimate) treatment from Limited Run Games. Both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are getting physical editions with this release.

Lumines was originally released back in 2004 on the PlayStation Portable. It’s a puzzle game based around falling blocks, not unlike Tetris. However, unlike its progenitor, Lumines has the player rotating 2×2 squares of 2 colors. The 2 colors are randomly dispersed across the 4 tiles within the square. If 4 tiles of the same color are stacked 2×2, they’ll form a solid square of color. These solid squares will be vanished by a line that moves across the entire playing field, to the beat of whatever music is playing on that stage, or skin, and the player earns points.

As well as the timing of the scoring line being tied to the music, so is the rumble. After the original PSP game, the sequels, spin-offs, and this remaster use the rumble functions to the fullest. The scoring, visuals, and rumble all sync in time with the music and tie it together into big one sensory-pleasing zen.

Taste the Rainbow

This sort of experience is the creator’s M.O. Tetsuya Mizuguchi has also worked on Rez, Space Channel 5, Child of Eden, and Tetris Effect. Synesthesia fans unite!

True to Lumines’ nature, the physical release is incorporating music. Available both on its own and as part of the deluxe edition is the Lumines Remastered soundtrack. The soundtrack comes on 2 180g vinyl, one white and the other orange. The soundtrack by itself is limited to 1,000 copies.

Limited Run Games launched pre-orders on April 26 with three different versions. The deluxe edition and the now sold-out “Block Rockin’ Edition” both included the soundtrack. The deluxe version on Switch is limited to 2,000 copies, while the PS4 is more rare with only 1,000 available.

Lumines Remastered will also be available at a future date at Best Buy. Seemingly Best Buy will only be receiving the Switch version. It will be the basic cartridge-only, but will come with a different cover than the LRG release.

Lumines Remastered

Lumines Remastered is now available as an open pre-order until May 10. Both versions include a cover with interior art and a full-color booklet. The deluxe versions additionally include the double LP soundtrack and a “premium rigid box” which houses the whole package. The box has a removable branded sleeve as well. The regular versions of the game are $29.99 USD, and the deluxe editions are $64.99.