After making the rounds at E3’s Indiecade this year, insectoid arcade game Killer Queen Black is making its way to PC and Switch this October.

From Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games, Killer Queen Black is an homage to the classic arcade game of the 80s, pitting two teams of four against each other, combining detailed strategy with fast reflexes.

Play as the Queen and Her Drones

Teams battles for victory over the others, with each team being made up of one Queen and three Workers.

If that sounds a little under-powered, don’t worry – Workers may be defenseless at first, but they adapt quickly. By nabbing a berry and taking it to the gates of your base, Workers can gain a speed boost or become Soldiers.

Soldiers wield maces, swords, shields, laser rifles, you name it. With your berry you can even fulfill both of these options at the same time, transforming into a high-speed super killer. It’s up to you to choose whichever form will ensure your victory.

Even with all the violence and chaos, Killer Queen Black is nothing if not a game of tactics. Depending on which tactical approaches you use, the game can be won in one of three different ways.

  • Economic Victories focus on Workers, tasking them with collecting berries and bringing them back to home base.
  • For a Military Victory you must dispatch the opposing team’s Queen three times with either your Soldiers or another Queen.
  • And then there’s Snail Victory. In the center of every map rests a snail. You can hop on this snail and very slowly, very riskily ride it back to base to secure a Snail Victory.

Whatever your tactical style, if you win three times the game is over.

Fight for the Top Rank

You can climb through the ranks and even have a chance at becoming the infamous Black Team. There’s only one Black Team operating in the world at any one point and, decked out in their chic glowing armor, they mean business.

The Black Team are certainly intimidating, but can be challenged and dethroned at any point, consequently making belonging to the team a desirable and constantly-changing goal.

Excitingly, Killer Queen Black also features cross play with all systems that it’s available on, and lets you play in ranked, unranked, and custom match modes. You have the choice of online or couch co-op. However you can simply spectate if you want to sit back and learn from the masters.

Killer Queen Black comes to PC and Switch on October 11. Check out the release date trailer down below.

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