The digital convention LudoNarraCon returns next year. Focused on narrative video games and founded by Fellow Traveller, it was first held in May 2019 as a live streaming event hosted on Steam. Exhibiting games showed demos and behind-the-scenes material, and speakers discussed various subjects on panels. Although the first LudoNarraCon is over, Fellow Traveller has made the panels and other events available to watch in a YouTube playlist.

The convention currently seeks speakers and exhibitors for spring 2020.

According to the event’s website, LudoNarraCon is interested in speakers that can “lead narrative discussions,” and wants to exhibit indie games “that challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of narrative.” The website also emphasized that indie games can benefit from being an exhibitor in terms of discoverability. It shared their data on the first LudoNarraCon, including the claim that wishlists for games increased by “an average of 5k.”

LudoNarraCon is a digital convention livestreamed on Steam.

More concept art by Will Kirkby.

Chris Wright, founder and managing director of Fellow Traveller, also kept track of the first LudoNarraCon’s impact while the convention was in progress. He shared his findings on Twitter, which included the observation that while a physical convention would have let four people play a demo of Neo Cab simultaneously, LudoNarraCon’s digital format allowed 25 players to try it at the same time.

The deadline for exhibitor applications is Dec. 13, and people interested in being speakers must apply by Jan. 29.

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