coe2Who doesn’t love Earthbound?  Even if you’ve never played it, as a gamer you have a certain obligation to at least play along with the love affair people seem to have with it.  In that tradition, we have a new Kickstarter campaign for Citizens of Earth.  Developed by Eden Industries, comprised in part of members from the Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon team, Citizens of Earth is an RPG in the tradition of Earthbound, with series helpings of Pokemon and Suikoden.  Playing as the Vice President of the World, you must recruit a team of average Joe’s to help you in your fight to save the world.  As you might suspect, you won’t be dealing with mages, clerics, and fighters, but instead you team will be comprised of people from all walks of life, such as baristas, weight lifters, chefs, and even your mom.  No, not you mom, your characters mom.

Technically the game is looking and sounding very sharp, the team has obviously put in a lot of time in the 12 months they’ve been working on it.  Rather than the “is it played out yet?” low-fi pixel art, Citizens of Earth boasts some glossy cartoon style graphics.  The music still has a little ways before you’ll be humming it to yourself in the car, but what they have is still solid, and will undoubtedly improve as production continues.  You can check it out yourself by way of the various gameplay videos on their Kickstarter page, or even by downloading a feature packed demo.

The gang at Eden Industries are looking to raise $100,000 in order to finish Citizens of Earth.  Funding is underway until October 20th.

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