dragonslayer2There’s a good chance that Fate of the Gods – Dragon Slayer is going to be sweet, but there’s something about it that bothers me… It may be the extremely small amount of information on the Kickstarter page, or it may be the part where it says it claims to be like Castlevania and Megaman, but with randomized dungeons, and that just… *sigh* The entire reason those games worked was because the levels were well thought-out and built around the character’s movement. Either way, it’s been funded.

Fate of the Gods game promises to bring old-school elements to new life by introducing new gameplay elements, and I’d love to see a good, well-done growth of the genres. The graphics and music are heavily featured on the Kickstarter, and for good reason – the music kicks a little ass, and the graphics are crisp and vibrant, even if the HUD font is freaking Papyrus. Since the game’s met its goal, hopefully they’ll be able to fund a change of font, but aside from that, the game features deadly dungeons, multiple abilities that allow you to attack from different angles or even grow wings, and a giant zombie dragon set to be the final boss.

The funding goal for Fate of the Gods has been met, but there are still a couple weeks left and there are plenty of stretch goals to meet. Funding the game also lands you some sweet rewards, but it seems like they were a little too confident. The lower-tier rewards sell themselves as very limited, but there are still plenty, and the bottom three tiers don’t grant you anything but the game. It’s when we get to the higher tiers that we start seeing things like an eBook to go along with the game, or even a limited-edition comic book. Keep your eye out for this, it may just be amazing.

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