popupdungeon2I love tabletop games, and I love games with a tabletop aesthetic, even if they’re actually video games, because a lot of the time this is pulled off to great effect. While not exactly based off of a tabletop game, Popup Dungeon, to be developed by Ring Runner, certainly has that feel to it, and a great look to match.  However, it holds true to the tabletop sensibility in an essential and often neglected way: it gives the player the ability to change the game however they so choose. How, exactly, does it accomplish that?

Popup Dungeon is, at its core, a grid-based strategy game where you play a single hero in a sprawling, randomly generated dungeon, with spells, abilities, weapons, armor, and things to kill. That’s been done before, but Popup Dungeon is truly unlike any other game I’ve seen and allows you to create your own character skins and cards from drawings you provide or by using the staff’s massive collection of in-game assets and templates. Anything can be a weapon, you can use any ability you can imagine, and if you want, you can hand draw every element of the game. Players can even go as far as customizing their character’s theme music. For info on how all that works, you can visit the Kickstarter, but rest assured knowing that if you want to add something to the game, you damn sure can, and it’s easier than you’d think.

Popup Dungeon is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter for a release on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but a stretch goal to the tune of $140,000 could bring the title to iOS and Android. The initial goal is just $80,000, and Popup Dungeon will have the money it needs to become a reality.


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Nathaniel Liles
Nathaniel Liles is a freelance writer, writing major, and indie musician based in Southern Indiana. While procrastinating or avoiding real-world responsibility, Nathaniel enjoys playing rhythm games, action RPGs, and very colorful games with many bright, flashing lights. You can listen to Nathaniel sing songs or download his music for free at http://nathanielliles.bandcamp.com/.
Nathaniel Liles