AvalonLords2One of the biggest complaints I hear in the wide world of free-to-play online games is that they’re “pay to win”. Basically, this self-explanatory term is why free-to-play has such a bad reputation, casting the entire genre in an unfair light. Most of these online games are well monetized, leading to a bad user experience and, yes, a few “pay to win” games exist out there, but that shouldn’t stop us from exploring free-to-play games. There are good ones, there are bad ones, and then there’s Avalon Lords, an online real time strategy game that says, time and time again, that it will not be “pay to win”, so when you crush someone on the field of battle, you do so entirely with your own wit and skill.

Avalon Lords looks like it’s going to be a true AAA online experience, complete with fantastic visuals, dedicated servers, and a user-friendly AI system to make your troops behave as you would have them – even when you’re offline and your kingdom is vulnerable. You start out by building your kingdom in a giant, seamlessly connected world, inhabited by tons of kingdoms and other players to interact with. Since everything takes place in one massive world, you can sabotage or negotiate with other players in an unprecedented number of ways, expanding your kingdom as you see fit until you can take over the entire world. Conquering rewards you with cosmetic options to display your prowess in battle to those who may stand before you, and when it’s time for battle to start, you can micromanage your kingdom, control your troops individually, or even draft and use special tactics to overcome your opponents with strategy – and the full ability to use that strategy unhampered by traditional limitations.

AvalonLords3If you would like to help Avalon Lords reach its $150,000 goal, you can share this with friends, Tweet @avalonlords, or donate to the completion of the game through either Kickstarter or a direct PayPal donation. If the base funding goal is reached, Avalon Lords will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux. The team is only three months away from a playable alpha build, so if you’d like to see this game reach its full potential, the time to act is now!



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