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Welcome back Cliqateers! If you were here last week, you already know that this is our weekly brew of all the crowdfunding news fit to print, but for those of you who missed out last time around, welcome! Here, we’ll be concocting a delicious brew or information. The ingredients? The top news stories from all of the best games now on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo! So, without further ado, let’s get started!


We’ll start off with a bit of encouragement, because for those of you who backed Auro, the turn-based tactics game, impatience is in the air. The game was recently delayed, but in the past couple of weeks, the team has been hard at work, and if the Game Development Deity will shower Dinofarm Games with some holy dust that makes game development go well, Auro will be finished by the end of August! If you’re not excited about that, you definitely should be, because it looks great. Two stretch goals have been met, and from what we’ve been shown so far, all signs point to this being one great mobile game.


Another game that’s developing quite nicely is Beeswing, and while I don’t have the Jedi mind capabilities to figure out if that’s a mashup of “bee” and “swing” or “bees” and “wing”, the artwork that was just recently released by developer Jack King-Spooner is a beautiful hodgepodge of strange, handpainted vistas, and it looks great. The landscapes have had an HD upgrade, new animations have been added, and development is going as planned. Some scenes have even been entirely reworked and redone in new mediums, which I’m sure will add variety and contrast to the already abstract and interesting scenery.

But that’s all new stuff. What about those of you who just want a hearty glob of tasty, tasty nostalgia? Well, WayForward, a company known for making the worst Adventure Time game, the best Regular Show game, the worst Double Dragon game, and the excellent Mighty Switch Force has just what you’re looking for: a crowdfunded revival of their 2002 GBC title, Shantae. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is very close to reaching its $900,000 stretch goal, but in the mean time, it has plenty to show off, including new gameplay footage and a way to vote on new content! The update itself can be found here, where you can check out the footage and learn how to vote!


saturdaymorningDid you back Saturday Morning RPG in hopes of being featured in the game as an NPC? Are you outraged that you haven’t been added in yet? Well prepare to not be outraged any more, because Episode 5 of the killer saga is coming along quite nicely, and you can see a preview of it right here. Episode 5 will include all in-game backer rewards that have not yet been fulfilled, but if you haven’t sent in your likeness yet, email Mighty Rabbit Studios and let them know! This fifth episode will also include the likeness of the $3000 backer that contributed so much – in fact, he’ll be featured as the game’s main villain, The Financier. Clever, Mighty Rabbit Studios. Very clever.

Whew. This article has a lot of awesome info, huh? Let’s all take a break and enjoy this royalty-free picture of an adorable kitty cat.


satellitereignPrecious. Now back to the news. Now, if you’re an emerging game developer, there’s one thing that you should become very aware of: development diaries. These things are bottomless pits of information, and you should embrace them like that cat embraces the concept of being completely adorable. Do you see its tiny ears? Do you see how open and receptive they are? Your ears should be just like that, soaking up all the info these devs can offer, and 5 Lives Studios, developers of Satellite Reignhave been working on a great dev diary for you to point your eyeballs right at. You can check out the game by clicking here, or check out the dev diary by clicking on these words instead.


In other news, SUPERHOT, the colorful, time-bending shooter has some great news for us. What news, exactly? Well, SUPERHOT will be coming to XBONE! It’s already locked in and decided, so start getting excited! Development have been going very well so far, especially since the development team behind the game now has a dedicated building to work in. It’s a little hard to describe exactly what SUPERHOT is, so I’ll let the .gif do the talking and you guys can draw your own conclusions. Interested? Check out the Kickstarter and website for the game! Excited? Holy crap, you should be.

cubequestWant to see a fast game development cycle? Look no further than Cubicle Quest, an RPG about how much work sucks. It was funded on June 16th, more than tripling its $475 goal with an overall total of $1599 raised, and on August 11th, it was released! You can learn more about the game on Kickstarter or buy it on the official website.

shadowrun dragonfall2Shadowrun: Dragonfall was a great addition to a fantastic revival of a classic game, and now that great, fantastic, classic combination is getting a director’s cut. It will be released as an update of the original expansion, so if you already have it, you’ll get the director’s cut free-of-charge and have yet another reason to go revisit this expansion.

Alright, now, before I let you go there are two more awesome things you need to know about: new releases and a few more pieces of news provided by our talented writer and web comic-er, Julie Morley!


In new releases, we have Dex, a super badass cyberpunk RPG, now on Steam, alongside Lords of Xulima and Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus, two fantasy RPGs that are absolutely worth a good look. All three of those titles are currently on Steam, and depending on your tastes, at least one of them is worth your supportive dollars. If none of that piqued your interest, consider checking out Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, a cool arena-like that just released its beta to backers.

Now I’ll turn the table over to Julie, for a closer look at some fresh stories that I missed.

wildwarfarelogoThe $24K funding goal for Wild Warfare was a bit ambitious for Hyper Hippo Productions. Though the support was strong it was evident the campaign wasn’t going to be successful. On July 10th, the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled and Hyper Hippo Productions decided to rely on the Steam community for Wild Warfare’s success. With Wild Warfare now on Steam Early Access, Hyper Hippo can acquire the funds needed to continue development there.

I was so FAWNed of The Deer God and I’m sure you were too. Since the conclusion of the successful campaign, Crescent Moon Games has been implementing more bosses (such as majestic frogs) and frighteningly spooky levels (graveyard in a swamp!). Alas, the inventory has been finished as well. Progress for The Deer God is looking sublime and we look forward to the mid September alpha release!


terratech2Speaking of projects we’re fond of, following the successful campaign, Payload Studios has added the option to back TerraTech through PayPal on their official website. Backers will be receiving non-exclusive rewards rather than Kickstarter Exclusive ones. But wait, there’s more: TerraTech has put up the Beta forum for backers to discuss TerraTech on Aug. 15th. According to their most recent update, TerraTech will hit Steam Early Access this October and released in 2015.

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