We here at Cliqist love crowdfunded games, but we are gamers just like you guys, and that means we play, well, everything. The “Not Crowdfunded, But…” series will be a regular dose of non-crowdfunded magic from us to you, covering everything from the latest Gears of Halo Theft Auto 5: Bad Creed Warfare Company XIII-2 Sonic’s Return to indie hits and obscure retro titles. Anything goes! The staff here at Cliqist votes on submissions (which you can enter!) and once we have it narrowed down, we do the review!

That’s right, folks, if you have any ideas for games you’d like to see us cover, send us an email at greg@cliqist.com and we’ll add your submission to our own. At that point, our staff will vote and we’ll have stuff to write! Feel free to make multiple submissions (of different games, of course)! Since we’ve been populating our YouTube channel lately, you might even get to see some of our staff bumble around with your favorite games!



This month it came down to the wire between Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (it’s not that bad, ok!?) and Transistor.  Lucky for almost everyone involved Transistor won.  If you’re not already familiar with it, Transistor is a sci-fi action RPG from the developers that brought us the nu-classic Bastion.  It features some fantastic visuals, beautiful music, a compelling story, and great gameplay.  No wonder its had praise rained down on it since the moment it was released.

8/21 – Transistor Gameplay Analysis

8/26 – Transistor’s Music as an Added Layer of Story

8/28 – The Art of Transistor

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