If you’ve been checking out Cliqist for a while now then you might recall a blurb we did on Slain! last month. It served as an announcement of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign which was slated to go live in February. Well, guess what? It’s up now and seeking funding! Slain! is a 2D pixelated hack n slash with a very Gothic world to explore. The game also propositions itself as quite hardcore difficulty-wise, which is completely befitting of that atmosphere.


It’s also incredibly gory. Attacks on enemies with protagonist Bathoryn’s gigantic sword result in bloody dismemberment, explosions, and the like. Sure, everything might be illustrated with pixel art, but there’s still a very grisly feel to it all. Along with melee attacks players will also have access to magical skills such as fireballs and bombs. Both combat and platforming are said to be tough and you’ll have only limited access to save points. Will players survive the 7 areas of Slain!? Well, the game needs to be Kickstarted before they can find out.


Here’s one thing to note which changed since our last article. At that time the team were possessed with the concept that they’d be able to turn this game around in time for an April launch. As the crowdfunding campaign just went live now, they’ve readjusted their mindset to allow for a slightly longer time frame of release in May. Slain! requires $12,000 in funding and also has a Steam Greenlight page waiting for upvotes.

Track the progress of the Slain! Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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