The folks over at Only Single Player are at E3 all week providing some solid coverage of the soul-sucking gaming convention.  A recent story of note is an interview with Mafia series vet and Kingdom Come: Deliverance head honcho Dan Vávra. Given how uniquely exciting Kingdom Come’s “dungeons without dragons” design ethic is it’s easy to gobble up new details of the 2014 Kickstarter success.

Nick Plessas and his intimidatingly deep voice chatted Dan up about the usual bits you would expect: the games impressive world size, the story, and platform availability.  However, one topic that I found of particular interest related to the combat philosophy the developers are instilling in the game; or more specifically, how they’re approaching armored combat.  You’ll want to check out the interview for yourself for the details (psst.. it’s at about the 4:00 mark).  Needless, to say it sounds gloriously frustrating and awesome.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kingdom Come: Deliverance prior to its Summer 2016 release you can check out our previous coverage, watch the new E3 trailer, or back it and get the Alpha to goof around with.

While you’re checking out OnlySP be sure to take a look at their recently launched Patreon campaign.  As with many website-centric Patreons it’s light on rewards, but OnlySP is a solid niche gaming site worth a look.

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