After nearly a year in development, dieselpunk RPG InSomnia is finally going to get a demo release. Unfortunately, while it is in a playable state they’re not ready to release it to the public yet. Studio MONO doesn’t feel that the development is quite at the level that they feel comfortable with so they’ll have it ready when it’s ready. I’m of the belief not to release something until it’s ready for release, and based on the latest update it I’m not the only one.


That said, there are those who want to see something for the money they put into the campaign so it’s understandable that a demo should be released soon. The demo for InSomnia is still being worked on and everyone is doing their hardest to pump it out. When they feel that it’s good enough with enough features to get a good feel for the gameplay they’ll offer the demo for people to give feedback on. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the game’s development, and catch up on it via our previous coverage.

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