Skullgirls was a big Indiegogo success raising over 800k and now the developers at Lab Zero Games are back with a new game called Indivisible which can be best described as a cross between the Metroid series with the platforming, exploring, and finding items to unlock new areas and Valkyrie Profile games with the hybrid real time/turn based combat.

indivisible 1

I was lucky enough to get to play the prototype of Indivisible and have to say it was good fun even in such a early stage, it is coming along nicely with great animation and the combat was fun though i will be very interested to see how much the game will change for the full release.

For the funding they are looking for $1,500,000 and they have said up front they have a agreement with the publisher 505 Games that if they raise the money the publisher are going to provide a additional $2,000,000 of funding.  The developers also state that the crowdfunding campaign isn’t to just gauge interest, and that if they do not reach the goal then Indivisible will not get made. My only concern is on Indiegogo the highest funding for a game so far was about $1.4 million so to succeed they have to make sure the campaign is right. One thing to their credit which will certainly help is people can play the prototype now which can be downloaded here, Linux and Mac demos are due later.

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