Infamous Quests’ latest foray into the retro point and click adventure genre Order of the Thorne is still being diligently worked on but now they want our help one more time. They’re not back asking for more money but they’re trying to get the game up on Steam. According to the latest update it’s now up on the Greenlight platform seeking votes to get on one of the biggest digital distribution platforms known to man. So, if you’re a fan of adventures consider taking a minute of your time and voting for it.

Order of the Thorne

For those unfamiliar with Order of the Thorne it’s a series (two games have been funded) of adventure games in the same vein as Infamous Quests’ other title Quest for Infamy. Instead of playing as a jackass you’re actually playing as a decent chap this time around. In case you’re wondering, even though they’ve been published before on Steam it doesn’t look like Phoenix Online Studios is publishing this one so they don’t have much of a choice. As far as I know Roehm to Ruin is still under the POS label, though.

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