InSomnia is a dieselpunk RPG that is currently in development over at Studio MONO. It exceeded it’s Kickstarter funding by over $20,000 in July 2014, and seems to be quite widely anticipated. The game is being created in Unreal Engine 4 and so far the screenshots and demos have seemed rather promising. Studio MONO were originally hoping to release the game in January 2016.

However, Studio MONO have announced that InSomnia will not be releasing on time. By the end of the year, the main part of the game will more than likely be ready. However, the developers want to work on it more. They want to improve the main storyline and work on vital in-game mechanics and, therefore, the release date will be postponed.


The game certainly looks Unreal

Studio MONO says they will be releasing a progress report for InSomnia at the end of December. They hope to appease their backers by showing off what they have; afterall, the game is larger than initially estimated according to the developers. Based on reactions in the latest campaign update most backers seem okay with the delay. Personally I always prefer to wait a little longer for releases rather than endless rushed patches..


Will it be worth the delay?

Large games such as InSomnia are bound to face delays like this, but hopefully this one will be worth it.

Studio Mono did reach a substantial stretch goal, which means that the game will have professional voice actors and hopefully more content than we ever expected in the game when it does release.

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