When it comes to visual novels, strange titles are par for the course. Root Double- Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition is one such game with weird name but intriguing storyline. Played from two perspectives, players will have to both discover the truth behind a nuclear meltdown at a research facility and actively try and save the people trapped within. Is that super brief description enough to get you interested? Then it might be a good idea to upvote the visual novel on Steam Greenlight.


This is Sekai Project’s tenth visual novel Kickstarter project, although it is certainly not the first predicated on backers having existing knowledge of a Japanese visual novel. For those of you who don’t, Root Double is a title which released on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 back in Japan and never received an 18+ rated version. That means anyone backing for a digital Steam copy or DRM-free physical release will receive the same version.


Presumably due to an immense backlog of visual novels to get onto PS Vita, Sekai Project have stated there are not currently plans to bring the game to consoles of any sort. In an interesting note, Root Double’s Kickstarter goal of $135,000 is actually higher than the original Prefundia estimate of $120,000 (and it does not appear clarification has been made as to why pricing increased). Will it make that goal? Although funding thus far is going well, it is too soon to call the Kickstarter a success or failure. From my perspective, I’d like to hear a lot more about the game itself and why it is so loved, rather than just being told that it’s a “masterpiece.”

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Marcus Estrada


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