Back in high school, I hated chemistry class. I didn’t go to the best school, and the teacher didn’t really like me, so even though I thought chemistry itself was cool, it was hard for me to learn the subject. I’m sure a lot of kids now are in the same boat as I was, but maybe with ChemCaper, that can change.


ChemCaper, the world’s first chemistry rpg puts you in the shoes of Roub, a Moon Being, who must save the land “React Ta” where the first chapter of this game is to take place. React Ta is based on the first couple of columns in the periodic table, which has the most reactive metals in the world, such as sodium and lithium. The rest of the game’s world is also based off of different parts of the periodic table.


Some of the other characters and creatures in ChemCaper include Elsium and Sal-T, stand-ins for calcium and sodium chloride respectively, and the petticles- pet particles, who can be combined in much the same way that real elements combine to form compounds. These petticles help in battles, sort of like little, chemistry-based Pokémon.


While educational games aren’t always the most fun, I think this project has a lot of promise. The characters look unique and seem memorable. Getting kids interested in a subject can really go a long way towards helping them learn, and for kids who like rpgs, this could be the perfect way to help get them interested. ChemCaper is still in the early stages of its campaign, so you can support it here on Kickstarter, and vote on its Steam Greenlight page.

Track the progress of the ChemCaper Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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