I love a good first person shooter, but I rarely have time to play much of them these days. And when I do take some time for a frag fest online I usually find myself hugely outmatched by someone with much more free time on their hands and leveled up to near godhood. Which is never a fun experience. With Battalion 1944, though, everyone is more or less on even footing, putting emphasis on skill over gear. It also helps to be a game set during a popular time period and one that I’ve found myself quite attracted to.

Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 is an online multiplayer first person shooter game inspired by its forebears like Call of Duty 2 where it’ll be you and a group of friends verses another group of players duking it out to win the match. Unlike most games of this type, though, you won’t be gaining XP to get better gear or skill perks. Everything you earn through “leveling” is purely cosmetic in nature. You’re only limited by your skill with the firearms provided and your ability to use the terrain and your teammates to your advantage. Even footing, more or less, between novices and veteran players.

Battalion 1944

While I have enjoyed playing first person shooters in the past, when it comes to online gameplay I tend to shy away from it unless it has the special certain “something” to capture my interest. In the case of Battalion 1944 it’s the setting in question. I’m a fan of the World War II era, its technology, and its conflicts. With this game you can be a part of the war during its height and they’re painstakingly working to make sure that the maps and technology is as accurate to the time period as possible. Which is why even if I don’t play it I want to keep an eye on its development.

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