I am genuinely sad that Failure, the cyber-futuristic strategy game canceled its Kickstarter campaign. I was very excited to back this one and I don’t think I have ever been so sad to get £12 back. I suppose it wasn’t a surprise, it had become fairly obvious halfway through the funding period that it wouldn’t climb to £30,000 without divine intervention. To me, Failure had a lot of potential, the Kickstarter page was definitely one of the most detailed and confident ones I had ever read, and the developers updated regularly and even did Twitch streams. I think the problem may have been that they did not have enough funds to hire a PR team to advertise for them.


Failure raised just over £5.5k before being canceled.

Despite everything, the developers have come out of the experience with a lot of positives. They have learned a lot from their Kickstarter campaign and gained fans, followers, and feedback. The lack of funding means they can no longer outsource and cost them two members of the team. They still plan to continue work on Failure at a much slower rate. I spoke with Justin and got a little exclusive info: The team have started on a mini-game prequel to Failure. They plan to release it for free to introduce people to the world of Failure and gain more fans and attention. Established author Anthony Johnston will be contributing to the story of the game so I’m cautiously excited.


Anthony Johnston worked on Dead Space previously.

You can still get updates about the project, however, you need to sign up for a separate newsletter. I’m hoping that upon completing their mini game they attempt a second Kickstarter, but I understand why that might be difficult for them to do that. I still think Failure has a lot of potential and I know I would back it again, but what are your thoughts? If you have any questions for the developers check out the update where they have some links for you to get in contact with them. Don’t forget to check out my previous article on Failure and if you liked this piece don’t forget to share it.

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