Quest of Souls is not a good title for a videogame. What does it convey? What does it imply? If you think it sounds like a fantasy RPG, then you’re right, but that’s about all the project’s generic name channels, which is a shame, because the game itself looks all kinds of quirky and unique.

Having just launched on Kickstarter, Quest of Souls has already been marked as a ‘Project We Love’, and it’s easy to see why. The game looks tons of fun, and it’s visually nice too. We’ve already identified the game as a fantasy RPG, but the game is also a twin-stick shoot ’em up inspired by nineties’ SNES classics such as Pocky & Rocky, Super Smash TV, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III and Gauntlet.


There’s also co-op support, which is important considering that the game’s three protagonists are creatively individual. There’s a dragonslayer who also happens to be a corgi, a samurai who also happens to be a lizardman, and lich who happens to be goodly. It’s random in a way that works, and players will likely have a hard time choosing their favorite.

Quest of SoulsI’m pleased to see a decent amount of information on the Quest of Souls campaign page, too, which details how the team would divide the project’s proposed $42,000 into different areas of development (with the majority of the money going into programming). There’s even a unique gif for each reward tier! If developer King Crow studios show this much dedication to the game itself, Quest of Souls could be a very special game indeed. If so, perhaps I can forgive its dull title.

For more on Quest of Souls, see Kickstarter, and stay tuned to Cliqist for future coverage.

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