After four years of development, the modding focused sandbox game Crea has been released. Crea takes a lot of cues from, and even looks a lot like, games like Terraria and Starbound. However, additional rpg elements such as the inclusion of over 80 different skills, as well as the game’s focus on modability sets it apart. The game has been built with easy to understand and easy to modify code; modders have been in mind throughout the development of the game. Developer Jason McMorris even published a series of tutorials to help get beginning modders started. crea

Crea’s Kickstarter campaign started back in 2012, and was originally planned to be released that year. Although the developers severely underestimated the length of time it would take to create Crea, they kept backers informed throughout the process. Hopefully that long wait will be worth it. The 1.0 release will include four bosses, multiplayer mode, dungeons, and more features. While there isn’t any news yet of future content, the game and mods should be enough to keep players happy. Now that the game has been released, McMorris will continue polishing Crea. The 1.0.1 patch and 1.0.2 hot fix have been released to fix issues and improve stability.


Now with the game and all the resources needed to help mod it, players can show off their creativity. With everything from Adventure Time inspired clothing items to a mod that allows you to capture monsters with “creaballs” already available, the future of the game and modding community looks bright.

Crea is available now on Steam.


Megan Myrick
Megan is an avid gamer, writer, and aspiring novelist. In between working towards a degree in psychology and looking for upcoming games to get hyped about, she enjoys watching silly cooking competitions and rereading books she’s probably read at least four times already. Megan’s favorite games change often, but some longtime favorites include Earthbound, Final Fantasy VII, and the Legend of Zelda series. She gets too attached to characters, reads a lot of theories, and is easily startled by jump scares. Megan is most interested in games with a good story and atmosphere, and she leans towards sci-fi and fantasy genres.
Megan Myrick