Defenders of Naxia seems to have a pretty dedicated team behind it. This action-RPG has clearly been in development for a while and it really shows. The pre-alpha, while still definitely an alpha, is worth playing, but let’s push that aside for a moment. What I really like about the Defenders of Naxia is that it comes to Kickstarter with the correct attitude. I was watching the video on the Kickstarter page and what really struck me was the emphasis on sharing this experience with the backers. Now undoubtedly, the developers want money, but it was a nice touch. It certainly did more to convince me than the fancy cinematic trailer.

Defenders of Naxia

The game is shot from the top down perspective and it quite bright and colourful.

I’ve thought about it, but I really can’t find any faults with Defenders of Naxia. The team consists of professionals, they released a playable Pre-alpha, they have a few videos and the cinematic trailer showing off their work. I really don’t know what to say other than if it tickles your fancy go for it. Their Kickstarter goal is $120,000 CAD, which considering how high quality this project is aiming to be is pretty modest.

Defenders of Naxia

The Kickstarter page makes me think of a visually appealing story-driven game, which usually is an early sign that gameplay will suffer. However, the pre-alpha made me reconsider. Undoubtedly the game needs polish, but it definitely has a certain charm to it. I really recommend trying the Pre-Alpha if you’re into top-down action games, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The Defenders of Naxia Kickstarter made me realize I really don’t play enough Action RPGs (I wonder if Final Fantasy XIV counts) so why don’t you tell me your favorite ARPGs in the comments below?

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