When developers K Bros Games stumbled upon YouTube success with a quirky pooping game, it wasn’t the result of impressive marketing or big budget gameplay. There’s Poop In My Soup was ridiculous and gross in a way that viewers of popular YouTube channels ate up. Hoping to ride the wave of popularity a bit longer the devs have taken to Kickstarter to fund a multiplayer sequel, There’s Poop In My Soup – Pooping With Friends.

Seeking $10,000, the devs wanted to make this viral successor into a proper party game with both local and online multiplayer options. Finally, friends could challenge each other to various pooping based mini games in exotic new locations. Unfortunately, with the sluggish pace of the campaign it seems that the game’s joke has gotten old.

Pooping With Friends

All of YouTube was playing with poop.

The original, There’s Poop in My Soup sells for $0.99 over on Steam. Marked by very positive reviews you could be forgiven for thinking fans would want more of the same. The trouble is, even the game’s biggest supporters know better than to take it seriously. It’s a ridiculous diversion. One that you might waste a dollar on, but you’re not actively cheering on the creators. Nobody is sitting at home waiting for the next great pooping party game, which is why Kickstarter probably wasn’t the best platform for the sequel.

Where Did Everybody Go?

With YouTube’s content creators having to constantly post videos, they’ve already moved on to chasing the next viral trend. Meanwhile, the backer community isn’t interested in funding casual comedy games. Sure silly sounding concepts are funded all the time, but only because there’s no other place to get them. With Pooping With Friends, the developers are trying to fund a goofy idea that already exists. The novelty has worn thin.

Look I don’t blame them for trying to hang onto their fifteen minutes of fame. The truth is that at best, Pooping With Friends would work as DLC to the base game. Failing that it might be time to look for the next YouTube trend to capitalize on.

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