With the stealth-action hybrid Deadbolt now on its way to Sony’s current consoles, there’s no better reason to look at what makes the title so great.

In a post to the PlayStation Blog, Hopoo Games‘ artist and programmer Duncan Drummond revealed the company’s 2016 title is set to release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this month. A critical hit, many praised the game for its engaging gameplay and sense of accomplishment from overcoming its steep difficulty curve.

That said, there’s been plenty of great games which have released since the game first launched, not to mention that some console owners may never have heard of the game. With that in mind, we’ve got a breakdown of what makes Deadbolt’s console ports something to look forward to.

Tricks Of The Trade

Taking the role of the Grim Reaper, players are tasked with eliminating several undead targets that have eluded death, making their way through a variety of different complexes and hideouts. Using whatever methods or abilities they like, players must eliminate every enemy without taking damage to proceed to the next level. Should they take even one hit, they’ll have to revise their strategy and start from scratch.

While this high difficulty design may turn off some players, the way the game presents ways to overcome its challenges is where it shines. Choosing from a variety of weapons including firearms and blades, as well as different abilities like a shadow dash, players can find dozens of ways to overcome each level. Want to get through a level as quickly as possible? Blast your way through every floor with a shotgun, painting the walls with undead blood and guts. Want to take a more subtle approach? Slip and slide through air vents with your shadow dash and quickly eliminate enemies from behind.

The further into the game players get, the more options there are for reaching victory. By the end, it’s less of a question of how to survive so much as how to win in your own way.

Of course, the other elements of the title carry their own weight as well. The game’s art style helps sell the sense of a gritty crime drama, with characters clad in bleak color scheme of grey, browns and sickly greens. Thanks to this, the use of gore accents the game’s subdued color palettes, splashing bright crimson against the otherwise oppressive view of a level’s walls and enemies.

The music, meanwhile, provides adrenaline pumping beats, accenting the more action oriented aspect perfectly. Techno melodies float through the air as players slash, blast and sneak their way through enemies, complimenting both the chaos of a heavy handed raid and a careful crawl through a base’s ventilation system.

Knock Knock

Though the game may prove too difficult for some, those who can overcome the curve will find plenty to enjoy about Deadbolt. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita owners won’t want to miss this title when it launches February 20.

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