If you’ve found yourself blown away by the new rogue-lite strategy RPG, Into the Breach, you’re not alone. Subset Games’ most recent title has quickly grabbed the attention of many tactical strategy fans.

Into the Breach offers fast-paced gameplay, a rewarding difficulty curve, and variety of mechs and pilots to choose from. That said, there’s only so many missions to play and strategies to try before players will have tapped into everything the game has to offer. This leaves them with a void only a title of similar quality and caliber can fill. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are five games to scratch your post Into the Breach itch.

The Banner Saga

Set in a world of Viking myth and lore, the game places players in control of one (of two possible) caravans. Each caravan is traveling on opposite sides of a land trapped in twilight. Facing down the human hating Dredge and their nearly invincible leader Bellower, the player must guide their group of warriors toward victory and a better life, accepting whatever losses come their way.

Though the permadeath mechanic can be intimidating at first, the solid gameplay and engrossing story are more than worth the challenge it presents. Plus, with the third part scheduled for release this year, there’ll be even more to sink your teeth into in the near future.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Another great title with permadeath mechanics, Echoes is a full remake of the beloved classic Fire Emblem Gaiden made for the Nintendo 3DS. Jumping between two chosen youths and their rag-tag group of soldiers, players must make their way across the continent of Valentia during a vicious war. Both have the weight of the world riding on their success, making victory the only option no matter what the cost may be.

Like Into the Breach, this game requires perfect strategy or else an assumed victory could quickly sour into immediate defeat. The road to victory is a difficult one, but success tastes that much sweeter for it.

Tiny Metal

A game made in the same vein as the Advance Wars series, this recent release tasks players with leading their military force to victory through a number of urban skirmishes. Players control a variety of units. Everything from foot soldiers, to tanks, and helicopters. They must make the most of their surroundings to turn the table on even the worst of circumstances.

Though it has its flaws, this title will scratch the itch of anyone looking for a solid tactical gaming experience without turning to fantasy fare. It also helps that the game is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, allowing players to take their strategic play on the go.

Battle World: Kronos

This Kickstarter success story of years past still has plenty to enjoy for those willing to give it a look. Set during a succession war between cosmic factions, the game tasks its players with amassing forces to shore up their defenses and launch carefully planned strikes against waves of enemy forces. Avoiding hasty decisions is paramount, with one bad call able to snowball into certain failure.

Though it doesn’t offer a multiplayer mode, the single player campaigns will have you scratching your brain for the best path to victory well past the 50 hour mark. It’s also worth noting that the game’s developer, King Art Games, has launched another Kickstarter, this time for a real time strategy title based on the steam punk universe of 1920+, making this a perfect precursor of what’s on the horizon.

Faster Than Light

Subset’s previous title, FTL offers players a refined spin on real time strategy. (Much the same way Into the Breach has has done with tactical RPGs). Set in a universe where the last hope of the Galactic Federation is on the run from the humans’ rebel alliance, players must make their way across eight stages of interstellar combat by blasting their way through overwhelming odds. This is easier said than done, with the player’s ship and equipment requiring careful input to prevent catastrophe.

Know any other titles we missed? Let us know in the comments below. Into the Breach is our March 2018 Game of the Month. Be sure to check out the rest of our Into the Breach coverage.

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