inXile Entertainment has released a brand new video of their upcoming RPG, Wasteland 2.  Coming in at nearly 20 minutes the video provides an in-depth look at the games’ prison level, which inXile says gives “…a sense of the final game flow.”  In addition to that, the level purports to show the impact of the back-and-forth communication between inXile and their army of backers.  These impacts can be seen in everything from the name of the character stats, called “CLASSIC”, to the all important user interface.  Worried about too many chefs in the kitchen?  Here’s more from the latest blog post :

But internal and external feedback aside, it is absolutely key to us to stay true to the game as described in the vision document we released early in this game’s development cycle. This video is only a short look at one area, but if you watch it with the Vision Document side-by-side, I think you’ll find we’re touching on every point we promised. We hope you’re as happy with our progress as we are.

The update goes on to give additional information on the first of a four-part developer diary, and links to some new previews and interviews.  Look for Wasteland 2 to be released later this year for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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