nen4Some psychological horror in August, who says it’s too early for Halloween?  The folks over at Infinitap Games, creators of the woefully underrated Retro/Grade, have started a new Kickstarter campaign.  They’re looking for $99,000 to help along the creation of Neverending Nightmares, a nightmarishly dreamy horror game.  Nightmares is being billed as not just another horror game out there to shock and scare with loud noises and monsters jumping through windows.  In fact, the game is inspired by the struggles lead designer Matt Gilgenbach has with his own OCD and depression.  In the funding video Matt explains that much of the imagery based on a particularly bleak period in his life that was triggered by the commercial disappointment of Retro/Grade.

nen2All that being said, focusing purely on the tabloid-esque backstory would be doing the rest of the game a disservice.  Some of the more compelling features proposed include :

  • Branching story structure with a wide variety of paths and endings
  • Strikingly unique graphic style
  • Vulnerability based horror.  No guns here!
  • Stealth based gameplay

Since it started on August 27th the game has earned $15,179, or 15.33% of it’s goal.  The challenge here may lie in the fact that more than a quarter of the money raised thus far has been from $1,000 tier backers.  Something that may be harder to come by as time goes on.

nen3You can get more information on Neverending Nightmares on their Kickstarter page.  Take some time to visit Matt’s developer blog where he posts regular videos discussion various elements of the game, and his own experiences as a developer.  If you can’t wait for the game, you can also give the somewhat limited demo a shot.

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