maxgentThe Men Who Wear Many Hats, creators of the disturbing, yet great, Organ Trail are in the middle of another Kickstarter campaign.  This time for a game that seems a little closer to their namesake; Max Gentlemen.  This arcade style hat stacking game kicked off on Oct 7th with a goal of $500.  Why $500?  According to the devs they’re going to finish the game anyway, but they’re using Kickstarter to gauge everyone’s interest in the game.  More of that “Kickstarting  for marketing” we’re seeing more and more of.

Looks like it’s working too!  They hit $6,000 in less than one day, and are now approaching $coming up on $10,000.  According to a recent update the team is working out what to do with the influx of cash.  No doubt they’re stressed, the $3,336,371 stretch goal “unlocks open world sand box Victorian style GTA MMO.”

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