rebuild2A slightly different zombie game this time around, one you may already be familiar with.  Rebuild is one of those phone games that everyone seems to download at least once, play it for a while, then move on.  Good games for sure, but great?  Not so much.  Northway Games is looking to make the next game in the Rebuild Series, and based on what they’ve got planned it’s sure to be the biggest, and possibly best, in the series.

Rebuild : Gangs of Deadsville will be available in the same formats as the previous games, but it will also, thankfully, have a downloadable version too.  Gameplay looks pretty familiar to anyone who’s played the previous installments; help your survivors fight back, rebuild, and prosper.  There’s some overarching story in there as well, but the real fun is in getting your settlement as large and efficient as possible.  New features include :

  • NPC faction forts you can trade, compete, ally or go to war with
  • Option to play in real-time for a more fast paced, natural experience
  • New graphical style featuring a ton of unique survivors and event illustrations
  • New interface with drag & drop survivors, squads, zooming, and ginormous cities
  • Survivor perks, background stories and individual happiness
  • New system for determining the politics and priorities of your fort
  • New equipment, buildings, and resources

rebuild3The biggest changes most will people notice are the greatly improved graphics and interface.  If nothing else is changed, just those two improvements will make it worth picking up for many.

The Kickstarter campaign for Rebuild : Gangs of Deadsville runs until October 31st and has a funding goal of $25,000.

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