gridlock1Gridlock Tactics is a new project on Kickstarter that’s described as a mix between Front Mission, Xcom, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Shadowrun Returns.  Pretty big shoes to fill!

Set in a futuristic biopunk universe, Gridlock Tactics is a turn based RPG that features three main factions, has a variety of skill classes available, and tosses in some social commentary just in case you were feeling good about the world.  The three factions include the vanilla Free People and their wide variety of classes and weapons, Titan Corp with its powerful but narrowly focused cyborg army, and finally the Dez Experiments, which are basically mutants with what can be best described as superpowers.   Once in the game players will be able to choose whether to play against others in asynchronous mode, which allows for multiple sessions and has no time limit on turns, or dynamic mode, which is more 1 on 1 and has a time limit per turn.  At the end of each game players can spend their XP and money to upgrade any survivors, and then mourn any losses if they were gutsy enough to enable permadeath.  A final feature of note is that Gridlock Tactics allows for cross platform play, so players on their tablet can play against someone on a PC.

The Gridlock Tactics Kickstarter campaign runs until December 7th and has a funding goal of $50,000.

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